Fake-google-appsHeads up Windows Phone users, it looks like you guys will have to keep an eye on what you’re downloading in the Windows Phone store because according to reports, it seems that there has been a recent flood of fake Google apps making their way onto the Windows Phone.

The report claims that a developer has managed to register himself with the Windows Phone Store under the “Google Inc.” moniker and has since uploaded a bunch of fake Google apps like the ones you can see in the image above.

Now we figure that most of you guys are relatively tech savvy and the fact that these apps are being charged at $1.99 should raise some red flags. After all Google has typically made their products free of charge, regardless whether it be on their own Android platform or on iOS, so if Google were to ever release those apps for Windows Phone, chances are they’d be free as well.

In fact with the whole YouTube and Windows Phone fuss in the past, we have seen how difficult it can be for Google and Microsoft to work together, let alone release an entire suite of apps at once! In any case this also raises some questions on how Microsoft handles the app approval process.

If a developer can register themselves under a different name, what’s stopping them releasing fake apps as well, right? Hopefully this is something that Microsoft will be able to address soon.

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