gold-flappy-birdWait a minute here, what do you mean by Flappy Bird going gold? Isn’t the game like, removed more than a month back, leading to some rather insane ads for smartphones that still had Flappy Bird installed on them? That would certainly imply a game that is complete and working just fine, without having to go ‘gold’, which is normally reserved for a title that is ready for a commercial release. The ‘gold’ that I am referring to here would be a literal one, as a solid gold Flappy Bird has appeared in an online auction – which is a totally different kind of expected resurrection.

Vietnamese goldsmithing company N3D has come up with an interesting use for one of the world’s most precious metals, resulting in a gold Flappy Bird that ought to lift an eyebrow or two. This particular figure will tip the scales at 3 ounces, where it has been crafted from 14-karat gold alongside two black stones that act as its eyes. In the smoothed out 3D form, you could say that it has its fair share of adorable looks, although chances are it will never become the merchandise powerhouse that is Angry Birds.

The gold Flappy Bird is up for auction with a high bid price of $1,500. It is accompanied by a description that reads, “To honor this world changing bird and demonstrate the craftsmanship of Vietnamese people. We want to introduce to you the Golden Flappy bird.” Profits from the auction will be distributed to those who need help in Vietnam, but there was no further elaboration on this matter.

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