Flappy Bird has become a global sensation within a very short time. This retro styled game, which has purposefully been developed to be extremely challenging and blood pressure raising has had a great run, but it appears that Flappy Bird’s wings might be getting clipped soon. Developer Dong Nguyen has announced via Twitter that he is going to shut the game down and remove it from the App Store and Google Play Store. This decision has got nothing to do with legal issues, he says, apparently he just “cannot take this anymore.”

Few would get fed up of a game that earns up international fame as well as $50,000 per day, but looks like its all getting too much for Dong Nguyen. He says that the game will be yanked 22 hours from now, and its been quite a while since that tweet was posted. Flappy Birds Windows Phone release was expected within this year, but if its really being taken down, then we can expect that a release on WP is off the cards. Obviously it seems illogical for a developer to shut down a product that’s making them an insane amount of money everyday, but do you really believe Flappy Birds is going to be shut down for good? Is it just a ploy on the developer’s part to speed up downloads as people think they have to get the game before its taken down? Time will tell.

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