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Flappy Bird Can't Be Played On iOS 11
Flappy Bird, the frustratingly popular game that took the world by storm a couple of years ago, still exists. Many of us have since been over the game once the hype died down but if you’re one of those who continues to play this game, keep in mind that Flappy Bird cannot be played on an iOS 11-powered device. This has been confirmed by the game’s creator Dong Nguyen himself.

Flappy Bird Gets Ported Onto A Box Mod Vape
Many of you guys have probably heard of Flappy Bird, the infamous Mario-themed game for mobile devices that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago. While the game’s popularity has died down considerably, it seems that there are still fans of the game out there, so much so that a recent video has shown how the game has been ported onto a box mod vape.

Flappy Bird Creator Returns With Swing Copters 2
Flappy Bird was a huge hit back in 2014 and if the reports are to be believed, its creator was pulling in a very, very impressive $50,000 a day from ads alone. However apparently despite the huge amount of money Dong Nguyen was making, he decided to walk away from it all by pulling the game from its respective app stores.However he later returned with more games, one of which […]

A Brief History Of Android Easter Eggs
Many of you might be familiar with the term “easter eggs,” in our case they’re not the cute little eggs you try to find once every year, instead these are treats that software developers hide in their products. Google has a long history of including easter eggs in Android and it doesn’t really take long to find them out, for the past couple of years Google has included a version […]


Flappy Bird Reimagined As An Arcade Game
Flappy Bird, the smartphone game that took the world by storm in 2014 recently made its way onto Android Wear devices, and if you thought that was pretty cool, think again because it looks like Flappy Bird has more recently been reimagined as an actual arcade game complete with an arcade cabinet and all.As it turns out, Bay Tek Games has been granted the license to create an arcade version […]

Flappy Bird Lands On Android Wear Smartwatches
We weren’t that long into 2014 when a mobile game called Flappy Bird took the world by storm. It was incredibly infuriating which is probably what made the game so popular in the first place. There was no shortage of controversy surrounding it, Flappy Bird was later pulled by its developer for being too “addictive,” only to be brought back after a few months with some tweaks. The game now makes […]

Android 5.0 Lollipop's Easter Egg Has Already Been Discovered
While Flappy Bird’s creator Dong Nguyen returned to app development with Swing Copters, we’re sure that many of you guys would have preferred if Nguyen had updated the game, introduced some different modes or maybe even enhance the gameplay a little. Well if you don’t mind Flappy Bird clones, how does the idea of a Google-made Flappy Bird sound to you?Now Android 5.0 Lollipop has yet to be released to […]

Swing Copters Is Next Game From Flappy Bird Creator
The Flappy Bird craze might just kick off again, and this time around, we are not talking about a clone to the title, but rather, it will be Flappy Bird’s creator himself, Dong Nguyen, who has thought up of his next game that he has called Swing Copters. You will be able to see Swing Copters in action above, where it is tipped to roll out on the iOS App […]

Flappy Bird Returns As Flappy Birds Family On Amazon's Fire TV
Earlier this year, a game by the name of Flappy Bird was making waves around the world due to its simple nature but strange addictiveness. For a brief period in time, your Facebook News Feed would be flooded by friends and family members posting their Flappy Bird scores, taunting you to try and beat them.The game was removed, but its creator, Dong Nguyen, later revealed that he would be making […]

Flappy Bird Lands On Apple II
Is Flappy Bird the new Angry Birds? It could be, given the fact that this game shot to global stardom soon after it was released. Ever since the original version was taken down dozens of clones were made not only for conventional mobile devices but for wearable devices like smartwatches as well. If you’ve got a Apple II computer from 1977 lying somewhere then dust it off because there’s a Flappy […]

Flappy Bird Clone For Google Glass Released
Google Glass has been around for over a year and while it still costs $1,500 the hardware itself has gone through multiple revisions and the software has been greatly improved. There are tons of new applications available for the wearable device and even games have landed on Glass. Nothing Labs has released a Flappy Bird clone for Google Glass, allowing anyone with a unit to play a knockoff of the popular […]

80% Of Flappy Bird Clones Contained Malware, According To McAfee
Earlier this year, a game called Flappy Bird hit smartphones around the world. There was something incredibly addictive about the game and its retro graphics that made it so appealing. Unfortunately its creator made an odd choice of removing the game from app stores, claiming that he removed it for our own good.However once the game was removed, app stores were soon flooded with clones and lookalikes, but as it […]

FlappySwift Created In Just Hours
Flappy Bird, the insanely popular (and hugely successful) mobile game on the Windows Phone platform that has seen its fair share of news in the past, is back with a vengeance. Apparently, an Apple developer decided to use Flappy Bird as a template for this clone game, using Apple’s recently introduced Swift programming language, taking a mere four hours since its release to roll out a working copy of the […]

Flappy Bird's Creator Teases New Game
Dong Nguyen made a name for himself, perhaps unwittingly, when he created the Flappy Bird game. The game was simple to play, and surprisingly addictive, which was probably one of the recipes for its success. Now its creator has taken to Twitter where he was posted a screenshot of a new game that he is working on, which you can see in the image above.Unfortunately not much is known about […]

Flappy Bird Flapping Back This August With Multiplayer
Earlier this year, a simple but addictive game called Flappy Bird caught everyone’s attention on the internet. Instead of capitalizing on his success, the creator of the game removed it from app stores, claiming that people were getting too addicted, and also because he did not know how to handle his newfound success.However it wasn’t too long after that Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Ha Nguyen, stated that he plans to […]

DIY Real Life Flappy Bird Game Launches On Kickstarter
About a month ago, the creator of Flappy Bird announced that he would be removing the game from all of its respective app stores (he later states that the game will be making a return). He claims that people were getting too addicted, that and the fact that all this newfound attention was a little too much for him to handle. In the meantime during the time that Flappy Bird […]

Flappy Bird For iOS Return Confirmed
It disappeared almost as quickly as it became a global sensation. A couple of months back a retro styled game was all the rage. Called Flappy Bird, the objective of this game was quite simple. Clear obstacles made out of pipes that the bird encounters, and the bird is only controlled by simple tapping of the display. This turned out to be a lot more frustrating than it sounds, some […]

Flappy Bird Goes Gold
Wait a minute here, what do you mean by Flappy Bird going gold? Isn’t the game like, removed more than a month back, leading to some rather insane ads for smartphones that still had Flappy Bird installed on them? That would certainly imply a game that is complete and working just fine, without having to go ‘gold’, which is normally reserved for a title that is ready for a commercial […]

Flappy Bird Return Possible
Good news for fans of 2014’s surprise hit, possibility of a Flappy Bird return exists, this from developer Dong Nguyen who killed the game over a month ago. The game instantly became a global sensation, despite the fact that it has basic graphics and it happens to be increasingly frustrating to play. Nevertheless, people all around the world were taken to it, and some were actually sad to see the […]

GTA 4 Flappy Bird Mod Released
Flappy Bird was undoubtedly one of the biggest internet sensations of the new year. The frustrating game quickly gained global popularity, players found it highly addictive, which is apparently the reason why its developer decided to take it down and effectively kill Flappy Bird. Since then dozens of clones and mockups have found their way online, but obviously they’re not quite as popular as the original game. After making its way […]