Many of you guys have probably heard of Flappy Bird, the infamous Mario-themed game for mobile devices that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago. While the game’s popularity has died down considerably, it seems that there are still fans of the game out there, so much so that a recent video has shown how the game has been ported onto a box mod vape.

For those unfamiliar with vapes, there are many types and the box mod appears to be one of the more popular options out there. These box mods typically come with tiny displays that will show information like your temperature/voltage settings, time, date, battery life, and in some cases will even show how many seconds/minutes/hours you’ve been vaping to date.

In the video above, it shows how the Flappy Bird game was ported onto an eVic-VTC Mini vape box mod in which it is completely playable. Obviously since box mods do not sport touchscreen displays, in order to control your Flappy Bird character, gamers will have to press the vape button in order to control it and navigate it through its pipes.

The game is still in beta but he has provided a download link to the firmware for those who don’t mind taking it for a spin (which you can find on its YouTube page).

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