flappy-Bird-Windows-PhoneAs your RSS feeds and Facebook News Feeds have probably informed you by now, the stunningly popular game Flappy Bird has been removed from its respective app stores. The reason? Well according to a post by its creator, Dong Nguyen, he stated that he couldn’t take it anymore. Some have speculated that legal trouble could be the reason, especially from Nintendo which the company has since denied, so what could it be then? After all earning $50,000 a day is something very hard to walk away from, but apparently it was done for our own good.

This is according to an exclusive interview that Forbes managed to land with Nguyen who has been notoriously shy when it came to the press. According to him, the game was designed to let players blow off some steam when they had a few minutes to spare, but apparently it grew out of hand and turned into an “addictive product” that caused him and everyone else issues. Nguyen has no issue with removing the game from the app stores and he seems perfectly fine at the thought of not being able to rake in $50,000 a day. He states that he doesn’t think it is a mistake and that he has thought it through. In any case the game will be missed, but at the same time there are just as many alternatives available out there for those looking to get their Flappy Bird fix.

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