lenovo-yoga-2-pro-review-10Not too long ago, Lenovo announced their plans to acquire Motorola Mobility from Google. Many probably assumed they’d be getting everything, but that really isn’t the case. In fact Google will still be holding onto some of the patents of Motorola Mobility as well as Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group, the group responsible for Project Ara.

What this means is that if Lenovo is hoping to leverage their acquisition of Motorola Mobility to become a serious player in the smartphone industry, they’ve got to step things up and sure enough that’s what they have done.

According to a report from Re/Code, they claim that Lenovo will be paying $100 million to acquire a portfolio of patents and license for other patents from a Nevada-based company called Unwired Planet. The patents pertain to technology such as 3G and LTE which we reckon will come in handy if Lenovo plans on being a serious contender in the smartphone market.

In fact recent speculation has suggested that if Lenovo ran things right, they could become the second largest Android OEM which would put them right behind Samsung. According to a statement released by Lenovo’s General Counsel, Jay Clemens, “It will serve the company well as we grow and develop our worldwide smartphone and mobile PC Plus business in new markets.”

When it comes to smartphones, Lenovo isn’t exactly a household name although it certainly looks like they’re trying. It wasn’t too long ago that Lenovo also announced that they have no plans on slowing down the acquisition of companies to help aid their growth, so it will certainly be interesting to see Lenovo’s position in the market in the next couple of years.

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