lg-samsungWe’re sure many have seen and heard by now that Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie tweet has gone viral. We’re also sure that many have realized that the photo taken was done using a Samsung smartphone, and unsurprisingly so given that Samsung helped to sponsor the event.

While the photo is viral and unsurprisingly so given the number of celebrities in the photo, that and how popular selfies are these days, it wasn’t exactly a photo of the highest quality. In fact Nokia thought to make fun of Samsung, essentially calling the photo taken blur. Well it looks like Nokia is not alone in this as LG has decided to chime in as well with a tweet of their own.

According to LG Jordan’s tweet, it reads, “If only Ellen had a G2 she would’ve taken this selfie her self”. What does this mean? Well one of the features of the LG G2 is how on the back of the phone below the camera lens, is a volume rocker which when used with the camera, allows the shutter to be fired by pressing the “volume down” key.

We guess LG is implying that due to this apparently easier way of snapping photos, she could have easily fit everyone into the photo instead of holding the phone awkwardly like how Bradley Cooper held the Samsung.

We’re not sure how true LG’s statements are, but then again we’re guessing that they were just looking for another opportunity to bash the competition. But what do you guys think? Any LG G2 owners out there who thinks there’s truth to LG’s claims?

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