nokia-tweetSo it seems that Samsung made quite a splash for themselves at the Oscars. It seems that the South Korean tech giant provided some celebrities with new Samsung phones, presumably to take photos with and to crow about the wonders of Samsung’s technology.

While television talk show host, Ellen Degeneres’ selfie turned out to be quite a hit (and thus a hit for Samsung too by extension), it seems that Nokia took the opportunity to rib Samsung for some of the photos that was captured using their products.

In a tweet by Nokia, the Finnish company posted a photo onto their Twitter account with a blurred selfie of Ellen, stating, “Let’s do away with blurry photos, Ellen!” The photo that Nokia used was one of Ellen by herself, although in the other photo with all the other celebrities, safe to say that probably wasn’t the sharpest photo taken either.

However we’re guessing that the photo was an impromptu photo and that they were probably pressed for time, not to mention trying to get everyone to stay still is not as easy as it would seem, so in all fairness it’s hardly Samsung’s fault!

Then again Nokia has been known to take potshots at the competition as we have seen recently at MWC 2014 when Nokia made fun of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch, but what do you guys think? Does Nokia have a point here?

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