microsoft-wearable-techWhen you look at things objectively, you would realize that $150 million is pittance compared to $2 billion, although having the former amount would be more than enough for any family to live out a comfortable lifestyle for generations without being ostentatious in their spending, of course. Well, Facebook might have coughed up $2 billion for Oculus VR, but there is a new report making its rounds that Microsoft too, does not want to drop out of the wearable computing race by forking out $150 million to purchase certain assets from the Osterhout Design Group (OSG).


This particular deal first appeared as rumors in September last year, and it was left to the founder of OSG, Ralph Osterhout, to confirm this particular bit of news. Having closed the deal in November, Microsoft is now the owner of 81 patents that used to be under the purview of OSG.

The slew of patents that Microsoft picked up in this deal are connected to augmented reality and wearable computing products, so this is an indirect way of Microsoft indicating to the rest of the world that they, too, are interested in jumping aboard the wearable computing bandwagon. Could Microsoft be looking to develop VR technology for use in future Xbox game consoles? Only time will be able to tell, so stay tuned.

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