ps4-mp3-dlnaIf there is an upside to PC gaming is that lately, developers have started to allow gamers to pre-load games before the game has even been released. What this means is that gamers will be able to download and install most of the game so that when the game is officially released, all they’d have to do is hit play and they’re good to go.

In fact Titanfall is one of the more recent PC games that could be pre-loaded, thus saving gamers from having to download the 20+GB file on the day itself. Unfortunately pre-loading for consoles isn’t exactly a thing yet, but it could be soon, thanks to a tweet by inFAMOUS: Second Son’s developer, Sucker Punch.

When asked by a gamer if there is a way to pre-download inFAMOUS: Second Son, the developer replied, “No preload on PS4 until April and for North America, the PS Store will update at midnight PST…so 3am EST.” It is unclear if Sucker Punch is merely talking about pre-loading for their own game, or if pre-loading will be a feature that could be arriving on the PlayStation 4 in April.

Pre-loading for consoles could be an upcoming feature as it was spotted on Titanfall for the Xbox One. Microsoft promptly removed it and claimed that it was an error, although this has led to some speculating that it was a sign that pre-loading could indeed be making its way onto consoles in the near future.

We also know that Sony will be releasing an update for the PlayStation 4 and some believe that it is possible that with the update, pre-loading could be making its debut on the console, although we’re not sure about the Xbox One’s timeline. Either way it’s definitely a feature worth looking forward to since we’re sure gamers would love to spend time their doing other things other than waiting for several gigabytes of data to be downloaded, but what do you guys think? Is pre-loading a feature you’d like to see make its way onto consoles?

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