titanfallWe’re sure many PC gamers out there can’t wait to get their hands on Titanfall. The game looks fantastic and hopefully it will live up to all the hype and excitement surrounding it as well. Now the good news is that the game is currently available for preloading so if you’d rather not wait around during launch day for the download, why not start preloading the game now?


As expected based on reports, it looks like the download weighs a hefty 20GB in size (give or take) which will soon expand to about 50GB after it has been fully installed, so gamers should probably make sure they have enough space on their hard drives before proceeding!

Given its size, gamers should probably start preloading ahead of its 11th of March release, especially since we’re sure the game’s servers will be clogged during that period of time. It is unclear if PC gamers will face the same 840MB day one patch that Xbox gamers are required to download, but hopefully not.

Now it seems that there have been some gamers who have managed to actually get the game up and running and connecting to the servers. According to reports from Reddit, this involves introducing a file called “TitanfallEarly.exe” which allows them to start playing the game ahead of the 11th of March release. Naturally this is a practice that would typically be frowned upon but Titanfall’s developers don’t appear too fussed.

The game’s producer, Drew McCoy wrote, “Manage to score a copy of the game before 11TH? Cool! Try and play it – servers (or other players!) may or may not be available when you try. Be patient!” This was later confirmed by Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella himself, who in a tweet wrote, “About playing early: We won’t stop or ban legit copies. It is prelaunch, so there may be interruptions in service as we prep servers.”

So, who’s already downloaded the game and are getting their Titanfall on? Let us know how it goes!

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