It seems that many people have been waiting for the Surface Power Cover accessory to arrive for the longest time, at the very least those who happen to own at least one of the following devices from Microsoft – the Surface Pro, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Well, just like how all good things come to those who wait (and wait patiently at times), the Surface Power Cover is ready for pre-order, as the Microsoft Store website has already gone live with the Power Cover sales page, where this particular peripheral will retail for $199.99 a pop if you are interested.

According to the Microsoft Store website, the Surface Power Cover ought to ship from March 19th onward, but there is also every possibility that the shipping date will change eventually, depending on the demand for the add-on. So far, initial “feelers” do seem to indicate a positive response to the Surface Power Cover. Apparently, the Surface Power Cover is touted to offer up to 70% additional battery life to the Surface 2, Surface Pro and Pro 2 tablets, where it measures just 9.57mm thin and tips the scales at a relatively lightweight 0.55 pounds. Do bear in mind that chances are you will not be able to enjoy up to 70% additional battery life when you slip the Surface Power Cover on, as depending on your usage, mileage will vary.

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