Microsoft and Apple’s rivalry dates back decades, even though Microsoft did help Apple through a tough time when Microsoft’s then-CEO, Bill Gates, bought $150 million worth of non-voting shares of Apple, and also gave them free-access to use Microsoft Office on Apple’s Mac computers.

However, rivalry is always good as it pushes companies to do better, which is what Microsoft is trying to convey in their new ad where they compare the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 against Apple’s MacBook Pro.

In the ad above, it talks about how the Surface Pro 7 comes with a stylus that can be used to draw and take notes. It also touts its full touchscreen ability, while taking a dig at the limited functionality of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, although we think that this is something that Apple has quietly acknowledged as well.

They also boast about how the Surface Pro 7 is more portable thanks to its detachable keyboard, and how it is also more “powerful” and is a much better gaming device. Last but not least, they also point out how the Surface Pro 7 is currently much cheaper than the MacBook Pro. Does the company make valid points? They do, but at the end of the day, it does boil down to personal preference, although it does make for an entertaining rivalry all the same.

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