Solar energy is a great idea as it means that we don’t need to draw from our finite resources. However, apart from it being used to power homes and offices, we haven’t really seen it make its way into consumer electronics, at least not in a very big way, but Microsoft could be looking to change that.

According to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Microsoft could be toying with the idea of introducing solar panels to future Surface Pro tablets. The patent shows how Microsoft is looking into the idea of integrating solar panels into the Surface Type Cover, where it could be used to charge the tablet.

The fact that the panels are installed on the kickstand suggests that it could be adjusted to ensure optimal solar energy intake, although this could possibly come at the expense of the viewing angle of the tablet and also comfort levels. That being said, with this being a patent, it’s hard to say if Microsoft ever plans on making it a reality.

It is a good idea though, although some have criticized solar for being relatively slower compared to regular sources of energy, so whether or not it can be used as a main source of power or if it is merely used to extend the overall battery life of the tablet remains to be seen.

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