wine-waterWouldn’t it be cool if you had the ability to turn water into wine? Well, “cool” would be an understatement but it is an interesting thought. Well now you will be able to do so, although it will probably take you a couple of days to do so, and will require a little helping hand from technology instead of faith.

Dubbed The Miracle Machine, this is an invention thought up by a couple of wine lovers, Kevin Boyer who is a nationally recognized sommelier, and Philip James, the founding CEO of the Lot18 wine club.

Basically how it works is that with the machine (pictured above), all one would have to do is pour water into it, add the ingredients like yeast, grape concentrate, and finishing powder (this imparts the flavors of oak to give it that “aged” taste), let the machine do its thing for a few days, and you’ll be good to go!

In fact given how we’re so connected to our smartphones these days, you can check on the progress of the wine via an accompanying app. Through the app users (or winemakers?) will also be able to select different recipes of wine that they can order the ingredients for.

This sounds like a quick and easy wake to go about making wine and according to its creators, it will be able to produce a quality wine that should match $20 bottles. However there is a pretty heavy investment of $499 for the machine itself, not to mention the added costs of buying the ingredients.

The Miracle Machine is currently a Kickstarter project and if you’d like to learn more, head on over to its website where additional details can be had.

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