titanfall-patchHave you played more than your fair share of Titanfall ever since it was released? Well, while there were some niggling issues at the beginning, this does not mean that the game should be given up upon, just see it as growing pains. A Titanfall patch has just been released, although do bear in mind that this is a server and balance patch and definitely not a content patch, although the latter does seem to be rather necessary as well. Respawn Entertainment has issued changes to their game a mere 10 days after launch, which is a commendable action for a developer.

Any changes to the content will arrive eventually though, so for the rest of us, we should just sit tight and be patient. As for the most recent Titanfall patch, some of the highlights will include some nerfs to the Smart Gun’s damage as well as reliability when it is not used as a standard gun. Search Drones will now appear in Classic Modes of Angel City, while the arc grenade/mine effects will no longer draw on friendly Pilots and Titans. Apart from that, the point value of defensive actions in Hardpoint mode and CTF have also been lowered, with the score limit in Attrition increased, among others.

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