welloThe iPhone, when used with compatible accessories as well as apps, is much more than just a communications device. In fact, folks have used apps on the iPhone to figure out and manage their fitness regimes, while parents would also find the iPhone useful when it comes to changing diapers. This time around, we have Azoi and their recently launched Wello, a new kind of mobile health tracker which is capable of reading and logging a number of different vital signs on you iPhone. Founder and CEO of Azoi, Hamish Patel, shared, “We have effectively put health monitoring equipment, which typically sits on carts in doctor’s offices and hospitals, into a highly convenient and accessible mobile case.”

At first glance, the Wello case looks like a standard issue iPhone case, coming in a black plastic cover which slides onto your handset. It no doubt offers some degree of protection just like how any other decent case would, but the difference in the Wello would be a tiny chip that has been embedded within, alongside a couple of sensors located on the back. Whenever you hold your fingers over the sensors for a few seconds, these sensors will be able to pick up various vital statistics including your blood oxygen level, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, respiration and temperature. Heck, the Wello is also able to read lung functions by using the included spirometer attachment.

It will “speak” to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4., and all information collected will be presented in a companion app for easy interpretation. Expect Wello to be up for pre-order now in several countries, with a $199 price tag in the US as it ships this fall – assuming it obtains FDA approval beforehand, of course.

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