For years now, baby diapers have been nothing more than receptacles to catch whatever waste decides to fall out of your little one on regular basis. With the past couple of years, some people have been looking to improve the diaper experience, such as Huggies with their TweetPee product. But Pixie Scientific is looking beyond a simple application that will tell you whether or not you need to change your baby’s diaper, and instead, is looking for ways to keep tabs on your baby’s health.

Pixie Scientific is developing a smart diaper which has a QR code located at the rear of the diaper, which is surrounded by a number of urine test strips targeted at an area where it can draw samples from its absorbent area. When your baby does their business, the test strips will be triggered, and will proceed to change the color of the surrounding area of the QR code. Parents will then be able to scan the QR code with its accompanying iPhone application to keep track of the health of their little bundle of joy.

Smart Diapers are currently in its crowd-funding stage as they currently are looking to raise $225,000 in their IndieGogo campaign. Hopefully they get the funding they need as I would love to have something like this available to me when I have a little one to raise.

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