huawei-new-flagshipHuawei is a company known for putting out affordable handsets. For the most part their devices have managed to pack decent hardware specs at decent prices, although thanks to a recently leaked photo, it seems that Huawei could be preparing something a lot more premium.

As you can see in the image above, it seems that Huawei is working on creating a handset fashioned entirely out of metal, similar to what Apple has done with the iPhone, and what HTC has done with the recent HTC One M8.

The name of the device remains unknown for now, but apparently it will be Huawei’s next flagship device and unlike Huawei’s previous releases, it will not be cheap, according to the software engineer who reportedly leaked the photo and who stated that we should probably begin saving our money now.

In terms of its hardware specs, it will apparently pack an octa-core Kirin 920 processor with an integrated ARM Mali-T628 GPU, dual-channel DDR3 800MHz RAM, LTE capabilities, as well as support for 2560×1600 display resolution and 32MP camera sensors, although whether or not the phone will actually pack those features remains to be seen.

We have to say that based on the photo, the handset appears to be a wide at the sides, as opposed to HTC’s design which is a lot more sleek, so if we had to guess, we’d say that this phone could be packing a relatively huge display.

In any case as we said, Huawei has yet to confirm the device (although they have hinted at it) but either way we’re excited to see what kind of premium device Huawei is capable of. No word on when we might be able to look forward to it, but do check back with us down the road for more updates.

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