att-signThey say that sharks come when they smell blood in the water and it seems that is what AT&T has done in the wake of BlackBerry and T-Mobile’s licensing agreement ending. According to a report from Rimarkable, it seems that AT&T will be offering customers a good deal to make them switch to their network, presumably from T-Mobile’s network where the carrier will no longer be offering BlackBerry handsets in the future.

According to the deal, customers switching to AT&T’s network will qualify for a new BlackBerry handset for a $0 downpayment and no annual service contract with AT&T next. Alternatively they also welcome customers to bring their own devices or purchase a new device on a traditional contract if that is what they prefer.

AT&T will also be offering customers $100 towards their bill for each new qualified line of postpaid wireless service that they add from now until the 30th of April. It sounds like a pretty good deal and it seems that it is in response to BlackBerry and T-Mobile offering up deals of their own.

T-Mobile recently announced their own deal in which they are offering $100 credit towards the purchase of a new phone. BlackBerry also announced something similar, except that the Canadian company would be willing to knock $100 off a purchase of a new BlackBerry phone from its official BlackBerry store. To our BlackBerry readers, which promotion would you rather go for?

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