I have to admit, Clippy makes me feel nostalgic. It takes me back to the days when I get my very first computer. Clippy would always show up if I needed help in Office programs back in the day and would present a laundry list of solutions. As Microsoft moved into the future, Clippy was removed from Office programs, even if it etched a permanent place in our memories. At times though the company has brought it back. As part of its April Fools’ Day prank this year Microsoft put Clippy in Office Online. Now it has brought it back as an Easter egg in Cortana virtual private assistant on Windows Phone 8.1.

At the BUILD 2014 conference Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8.1. The much awaited software brings Microsoft’s own Siri competitor called Cortana. Yesterday Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview was released, even non-developers can load it on their Windows 8 devices. A lot of people have since been toying around with the software and most have discovered that Clippy exists as an Easter egg in Cortana.

A member of the WPC forums asked Cortana if she liked Clippy. The virtual assistant had a few responses to that query, including “What’s not to like? That guy took a heck of a beating and he’s still smiling.” The circular Cortana avatar then morphs into Clippy. If you’ve loaded up Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on your device, why not give this a go and take a walk down memory lane?

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