SmartClippy.jpg-550x0We’re not sure how many of you guys might remember, but back in the day with Microsoft productivity suites like Word, Microsoft attempted to introduce an assistant in the form of a talking paperclip that basically offered to help you do things or could help you with any questions you might have about the program.

We guess it was Microsoft’s way of introducing a lighthearted character in an otherwise serious program and now that we’re in 2014, Micrsoft is looking to reintroduce the paperclip in a new product called the SmartClippy. Of course by now we can only assume that you guys are aware that this is an April Fools’ prank, but it’s still nice of Microsoft to dredge up some nostalgia.

According to Microsoft on their blog, “Clippy has been there for Microsoft Office users since Office 97 – but with support for Office 2003 and Windows XP ending on 8 April, it’s time for everyone’s favourite office assistant to take on a new role.”

They even had a quote from Clippy which reads, “Microsoft announced the date for the end of Windows XP support back in 2007, so I’ve had a lot of time to plan my next move, and now I’m excited to finally announce the next chapter in my life. I’m going back to basics and doing what paper clips like me are born to do: Attach things to other things.”

So, where is one able to purchase the SmartClippy? Well in a final quip at the end of the blog post, it seems that customers will be able to find SmartClippy at “leading electronics retailers, fine stationery stores, not-so-fine stationery stores, your company’s supply cabinet, behind sofa cushions and in bins.”

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