Hardcore gamers always try to push themselves to their limit either by running the game at the hardest difficulty possible, or by coming up with creative and clever ways to beat the game. One Diablo 3 gamer has done both of that by not only running a Torment 6 level Rift, but also running without any skills, save for Sear and Blessed Shield with his Crusader.

It might sound like suicide and in some cases, Jeff, has died to monsters, but other than that he managed to complete the entire run in 13 minutes which is pretty damn impressive! Normally Rifts take slightly longer, depending on your gear and difficulty, but since Torment 6 is as hard as it gets, we have to tip our hats off to Jeff for being able to complete it.

Now we should point out that it’s primarily thanks to Jeff’s weapon and shield that allowed him to create this creative build. According to his profile, his main weapon is Gyrfalcon’s Foote, a 1-handed flail that removes the resource cost of Blessed Shield. His shield is Jekangbord that allows Blessed Shield to hit more enemies. Put those two together and you’ve got yourself a Crusader who is able to spam Blessed Shield without stopping.

Was this a combination that Blizzard had originally intended, or was it a happy coincidence that Jeff managed to get both items? Well whatever it is, the fact that he is able to complete a Torment 6 Rift with relative ease and speed does sound like Blizzard could soon be nerfing some skills/items soon. In any case if you have some time to spare and would like to check out this build in action, click the video above for the details.

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