ecoppiaIsrael is a hotbed of technology and research, being an oasis of sorts in the desert, too. Still, water is a precious commodity, and all effort must be made to conserve as much water as possible. Ketura Sun, a large commercial solar field in Israel, has a special method of cleaning its solar panels using robots. What makes these robots special would be the fact that they do not need to make use of any water at all throughout the cleaning process, ensuring that they thrive in their jobs while being in the Negev desert.

This is a big deal, since such robots would prove to be a successful, working model of helping solar power plants being less dependent on water. The Ecoppia E4 robots happen to be mounted on a frame which moves laterally along the panels, while robots would themselves move up and down the panels. A rotating brush that is comprised of soft microfiber as well as air blowers will do the job of removing dust build-up with an efficiency level of 99% – all without using a single drop of water, now how about that?

Ensuring a solar panel remains as clean as possible is important to help maintain the efficiency level of the solar panel’s output.

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