google-contact-lens-cameraGoogle’s Glass has had its fair share of time in the limelight, whether it showcases the darker side of human nature, or our natural tendency to help out one another in times of need. Well, it seems as though the tech giant has future plans in the medical line after patenting a smart contact lens system that has an integrated camera. Could this be the next iteration of Google Glass – minus the glass? Now that would be a really scary thought, since it would mean someone could be recording what is going on without you knowing any better.

This particular lens that comes with a built-in camera could eventually be developed further in order to assist the blind to see as well as give them guidance. Apart from that, it also offers the wearer ‘supervision’ thanks to the ability to zoom in on a particular subject. In fact, it is as though the entire Glass system has gone through a shrinking ray in order to fit onto a pair of lenses.

Right now, the company is also working on lenses down the road that come with screen and medical sensors integrated, where the entire project is under wraps over at the highly secretive Google X lab. Smart contact lenses are nothing new, but this is definitely a development worth looking into.

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