iphone-5s-review-014If you have a teenage son or daughter, or maybe if you’re a teen reading this article, what phone do you use? Is it an iPhone? Will your next phone also be an iPhone? Perhaps your answer could be yes, perhaps it could be in the negative, but according to a recent study conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, it has been revealed that the iPhone is the phone of choice for teens.

In the study, 7,500 teens were asked what devices they owned and what their next phone could be. It was found that 61% of the teens surveyed now own an iPhone which is actually an increase from October 2013 where only 55% had an iPhone, and it is also up from 40% in the fall of 2012. 67% of the teens surveyed also revealed that they expect their next phone to also be an iPhone.

Tablet use has also gone up amongst teens to 60% which is up from 56% last fall. Interestingly enough it seems that while tablet use is up, demand for the iPad might have dropped. 66% of the teens surveyed owned an iPad which is down from 68%, hinting that maybe teens are starting to move on to other brands and platforms instead.

The study also covered Apple’s rumored iWatch device and 17% of teens indicated that they would be interested in purchasing the device if Apple sold it for $350 or less. According to Munster, “The bigger takeaway from our survey is that 17% of teens suggested they would be interested in an iWatch, which we believe is an indication of consumer thirst for not only the iWatch specifically, but the new product categories that have been promised by Apple.”

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