officemix-previewI guess you can say that it would be a whole lot more disastrous in terms of productivity if an app, or a suite of apps such as Microsoft Office were to be crippled in a day, as opposed to say, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook going down for a while. The latter three would be an inconvenience though, that’s for sure. Well, Microsoft’s Office platform has long been the cornerstone of productivity in the enterprise and classroom environments, being made available on the iPad recently, but it seems that there is a new Office Mix in the works that will target the classroom.


Most of us would not be familiar with what is all about, but it so happens to be a brand new service which will be able to transform PowerPoint presentations into interactive, online lessons, allowing you to share those with just about anyone and everyone. This would be a novel method for educators to distribute and interact with their presentations

MIX would also enable one to transform PowerPoints into interactive online lessons as well as presentations, helping get rid of boredom in the classroom. There is an add-on which is installed that lets you record audio, video, and handwriting, as well as being able to insert interactive elements such as quizzes and CK12 exercises. Apart from that, there is also a screen capture tool that allows you to record anything you would like on your computer. When done, click “Create MIX”, and some XML mix will turn it into an interactive document that is complete with analytics. You can sign up for the preview here.

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