instagramYou know, the world ought to really move on even though a service on the Internet is not working. However, some services are deemed to be way more popular and important than the others, which leads to a slight down time generating plenty of headlines. Take Instagram for instance – this particular Web service was down earlier today, and not just for a certain group of people or in a particular country, but for everyone. I guess this temporary relief from Instagram use could see the time freed from Instagramming to be used in a different manner.


A service status site did point to Instagram being down for approximately an hour, and there was no comment from the folks over at Instagram concerning the down time earlier in the day, before they stepped forward to declare that they are aware of the issue, and are working a solution to restore its services to normal. Apparently, the feed delivery issue needs a fix, and right before lunch, it did seem as though the service has started to come back online slowly but surely. I guess it took approximately three hours thereabouts for everything to return back to normal. How did you spend your time without checking up on your Instagram account?

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