mobile gamesA couple of weeks ago we reported on an interesting insight which found that for the most part, many gamers don’t finish the games that they’ve started. Perhaps they got bored, perhaps something new and better came along, who knows? However interestingly it seems that when it comes to mobile games, gamers have even shorter attention spans.

According to app testing firm Swrve, they have spent the past 90 days tracking 10 million players from last year, seeing how they reacted to games released by big name publishers like Activision, Epic Games, Gameloft, and so on. The results are actually pretty amazing because they found that most mobile game players tend to quit the game after only one day.

They also found that by the 30th day, only 5.5% of the gamers of the original gamers are still playing the game. The number of sessions played is also an interesting one as they found that 45% of gamers never had more than 4 sessions of a game, and that 19% only played the game once.

Personally I’ve been guilty of downloading games and trying them out and only to quit a couple of hours later. Usually this is because while the premise of the game is interesting, early parts of the gameplay haven’t been particularly engaging. Then again everyone has different play styles, some love to get as deep into a game as possible, while others just want quick entertainment while waiting for the bus or the train.

What do you guys think of this report? Are you guilty of quitting mobile games shortly after downloading it yourelf?

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