occulus-vr-03Every year at CES, we look forward to tech companies making television-related announcements. After all with all sorts of media content being available on the television, we’re sure customers are looking for something amazing to watch it on, right? However the question is, will this trend continue in the next couple of decades?

Speaking to the folks at Maximum PC, Oculus VR’s founder, Palmer Luckey, shared his thoughts on the traditional television and believed that in the next couple of decades, the television could eventually be deemed irrelevant. Instead he believes that virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus Rift will be one of the ways consumers could consume content in the future.

“Why in the world would you buy a 60-inch TV that, even if it worked dirt cheap for that it’s still gonna cost a lot to ship it, to make it from raw materials. Yeah, I mean a VR headset is gonna be much better and much cheaper and you can take it anywhere.” Luckey’s statements seem to line up nicely with reports that a nature documentary is currently being filmed with the Oculus Rift in mind.

The documentary will allow users to take in the sights of Borneo in a field of view that they might not be able to experience if they were watching it on a regular television. While the Oculus Rift has been primarily thought of as a gaming accessory, its potential to replace television as a source of entertainment is there as well. What do you guys think? Do you agree that one day we’ll all be wearing virtual reality headsets and watching our shows through it instead of the television?

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