Remember how at the beginning of this month we saw a new teaser site that was launched by Square Enix, where it seemed to concentrate a whole lot on ‘Ranobe-Style’ RPG? That happens to be a reference that is commonly used to describe an episodic book and anime series, or if loosely translated, ‘Light Novel’. Well, apparently the teaser points to an iOS RPG that is called School Girl Strikers. I know that the mobile platform is worth looking into since it has grown explosively over the years, but for Square Enix to work on an iOS game instead of a full RPG console release is not something that happens every day.


Apart from that, chances as School Girl Strikers would never make its way Stateside eventually due to the content of the game, not to mention that gamers in the West do have different gaming ideologies or philosophies. At the very least, there is a “Sound & Audio” trailer that was released by Square Enix, and in Japanese no less, to set the tone for the upcoming RPG on Apple devices.

So far, there has been no mention of any other information or leads that are worth exploring, including the availability date, but how much do you think a Square Enix title will cost on the Apple App Store?

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