cisco-skypeSkype has had its fair share of emojis in the past and present, and has even had the tie in with Captain America, parachuting in limited time emojis along the way. Well, the online video chat service has recently done away with some of its emojis that have been touted to have the “potential to offend”, at least according to its community managers.

Just what are some of the potentially offensive emojis? Well, one of the icons feature a smiley face that shows off its middle finger, while another is that of a woman’s legs wearing high heels. The changes were made over a month ago, and is most probably the result of Skype users complaining about the update that saw the software being bumped up to version 6.14 in February.

The removed emojis could be part of your instant messaging conversations, happened to be hidden icons that were separated from the standard ones. Not all of the hidden emoticons have been removed, however, where one with a smiley face that is puffing away on a cigarette, while another being drunk with a third wearing boxing gloves are still available. What do you think of this move – is it all right with you, or do you think that Skype is being too sensitive here?

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