T Mobile Employer Rate Plan Discounts MaintainedEarlier this week, T-Mobile did manage to cause quite a stir as they announced that they will eventually put a stop to employer rate plan discounts. In place of that, eligible customers would be on the receiving end of a $25 reward card with every purchase of a new device. Of course, since you cannot please everyone all the time, there were certain quarters who were not too happy with this decision. For those who are still in a huff, here is some good news to cheer you up in mid-week – T-Mobile has apparently changed its mind concerning the employer rate plan discounts.

According to T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert, T-Mobile will enable current customers who enjoy corporate discounts to keep their cheaper rates instead of losing those discounts as April 25 rolls around. I guess the consumer uproar that followed the discontinuation of employer rate discounts really managed to capture the attention of the higher ups at T-Mobile to perform a U-turn on their policy change.

It is common practice for a policy change by a carrier that involves its rate plans to have currently signed up customers to be “grandfathered”, so it is nice to hear that those who signed up for an employer discount would not be able to lose their savings. Phew! Are you pleased with this latest development, or does it not bother you one bit?

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