tmobile-logoWe have got our shields up for this coming April 1st as I am sure that there will be a fair number of seemingly realistic albeit nutty sounding tech stories that will make their way online. T-Mobile is dead serious, however, this coming April 1st where they intend to move away from employer rate plan discounts and will instead replace them with a T-Mobile reward card of $25 every single time an employee purchases a new device. T-Mobile claims that this is “simple, clear and transparent”, which is at the heart of just about “everything we do.”

To take things into perspective, imagine there is a family of four who decide to upgrade their smartphones once a year, and that would mean having a discount of $100, or if you change your handsets twice a year, it would equal to a savings of $200. Granted, it might be a bit extreme to do that in the long run, but there are always folks who would like to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

T-Mobile claims that the older programs were there to assist big carriers to close big corporate contracts, while employees are their “bargaining chips.” It does seem as though T-Mobile is working towards changing the way the wireless industry works, and their Uncarrier movement was definitely a step in the right direction. [Press Release]

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