3over7When it comes to the world of 3D printers, there has been some rather zany creations in the past, and this will also include 3D printed shoes, definitely. New Zealand-based footwear firm Three Over Seven has a novel method of purchasing a new pair of shoes – it basically requires you to scan your feet with a smartphone app, where the relevant information will then be tabulated and sent over to Three Over Seven, where a custom pair of shoes is then produced and delivered right to your doorstep, now how about that for service?

Three Over Seven specializes in a range of innovative woolen running shoes that will target joggers specifically, and have been designed in such a way that wearers will not have to wear socks while they are pounding the pavement. Using mid-micron New Zealand sheep’s wool as the material of choice, it does seem to work great as a sockless-shoe.

the clever implementation of 3D printing would allow customers of Three Over Seven to receive tailor-made shoes within 24 hours, and they hope to set up a digital shoe factory in London later this year. It would be interesting to see just how accurate the app can be when it comes to scanning your feet. Should we do so during the afternoons, or is there an optimal time?

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