3D printers are definitely catching on in popularity as they become more and more affordable to the masses, where we have seen the likes of a 3D printed bionic ear, 3D printed dresses, and now, shoes. Wait a minute, did we type this down correctly – shoes?! Yes sir, and don’t you get the notion that this is going to be the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that you’re going to wear, ever, no thanks to the rock-hard plastic filaments that are used by 3D printers. After all, it would be a new kind of elastic filament that will be used to create the Sneakerbot II. The Sneakerbot II happens to be a 3D-printed sneaker that has been inspired by popular ’80s sci-fi movies including Back to the Future and Star Wars.

It was specially designed by Recreus founder Ignacio Garcia, where the Sneakerbot II would make use of the new Filaflex 1.75mm, which so happens to be an extremely flexible filament, allowing the printed sneaker to be folded up and stuffed into your jeans pocket when you do not need to wear it. Of course, I am quite sure that many out there will remain skeptical when it comes to cushioning and shock absorbance factors in the Sneakerbot II, but in due time, all of those ought to be fixed. I’d personally stick to a regular pair of Nikes or Reeboks in the mean time.

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