samsung-galaxy-s5-review-016We’re pretty sure nothing is more annoying and disheartening to find that a brand new phone that you just bought has run into issues. This is what Samsung Galaxy S5 owners are experiencing, at least as far as Verizon customers are concerned, when they discovered that they keep getting the “camera failed” error message on their brand new phone.

Naturally they aren’t too pleased about it and the good news is that Verizon has since come forward and acknowledged the problem. This is according to a post on Twitter where the carrier confirmed that there is an issue with a certain batch of Galaxy S5 devices. They have since asked customers with the issue to contact Verizon support where they will attempt to resolve the issue, which in some cases could lead to the handset being replaced.

We reckon that might be the course of action for pretty much all of the affected units, especially since there have been reports that soft resets, hard resets, and even factory resets of the phone don’t seem to be able to get rid of the problem.

Samsung has stated that only a limited number of Galaxy S5 handsets have been affected by this issue and has asked customers to call 1-888-987-4357 to resolve the problem, or alternatively they could get in touch with their carriers for a possible replacement. So, any of our readers affected by this issue?

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