Video games make players eat moreBack in the day when television was more common than computers, parents just had to worry about their kids spending too much time watching TV. However with computers now being more prevalent, parents have to worry about their kids spending too much time watching TV and playing on the computer.

However if given the choice, it seems that letting your kids play a couple of games on the phone or a computer might actually be better than watching TV. Wait, what? After all that debate about whether videos games are good for children, it has now been suggested that video games might actually be better than TV?

According to a recent study by NPR, it has been found that watching TV could actually lead to kids consuming more junk food simply because the junk food commercials that are constantly being broadcasted on TV. This seems to contradict an earlier study which suggested that playing video games could lead to even more eating.

This is versus playing video games where their hands might be too busy with the game, leaving their hands too occupied to shovel junk food into their mouths. According to the researchers at the University of Michigan, they found that sixth-graders who watched TV were more likely to eat junk food and drink soda compared to other sixth-graders who spent more time playing on their computer or playing video games.

Of course this research isn’t saying that playing video games is a healthy activity, but we guess compared to sitting in front of the TV for the next few hours, it is probably the lesser of the two evils as far as health and diets are concerned. What do you guys think? Does it make sense?

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