Violence in video games is an extremely sensitive topic – there are those who sit in the middle of it, stating that violence in video games are neutral, it depends on how you handle it, while others claim that in no way will digital violence translate to real world actions, while another group are bent on claiming that it is because of a huge number of violent video games, kids these days have generally gotten far more aggressive in their behavior. I leave it to you to judge for yourself, but this latest piece of news is rather disconcerting – a 14-year-old kid in Georgia actually wounded his grandmother and killed his great-grandmother using a 34″ to 36″ sword yesterday.

The reason behind his angst and murder motive? A family friend claims that the teen was extremely miffed that he was told to stop spending so much time with Halo in front of the TV. Man, I think that this is more of an anger management issue than being violent because of the type of video games he was playing. After all, who are we to say that he wouldn’t do the same if he was told to stop playing Mario?

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