league of legends audio engineWhen it comes to video games, there are a lot of factors that contributes to the game being a good one. It could be good graphics, good gameplay, a well-balanced game design, and even the music or sound that is used for it. After all there are games where the soundtrack is just as popular as the game itself, like Journey, for example.

Well the good news for League of Legends gamers is that the developers are looking at introducing a new audio engine to the game. This means that the sound quality of the game will be improved to be clearer, and will even provide proper support to gamers who have surround sound setups. This was confirmed by Riot Games’ senior sound designer, Adam Swanson.

According to Swanson, “Our new engine opens the door for us to explore more ideas for how we create and use sound effects, voices and music in League of Legends, allowing us to create a more expansive and immersive experience.” He later adds, “In general the overall stereo imaging of the game should be a lot better. This won’t fix every issue you run into with camera movements, but should address a lot of the speaker to speaker ‘hopping’ of sounds.”

Riot Games is expected to introduce the changes in sound over the next few patches before activating the new sound engine on their servers. For some gamers this might not necessarily be the update that they were looking forward to, but perhaps with the improved sound and changes, it could help boost the overall experience.

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