For those who thoroughly loved and enjoyed Netflix’s Arcane series, you will be happy to hear that the company has confirmed that following the end of the first season, that they are working on the second season already. In fact, they released a little announcement trailer for the next season.

While it doesn’t tell us much, it is still good news to hear that a second season is being developed. For those who are unfamiliar, Arcane is an animated series from Netflix based on Riot’s incredibly popular MOBA League of Legends. It starts of by introducing some of the game’s characters when they were young and further developed their backstories.

This isn’t the first MOBA animated series developed by Netflix. The company had previously created a series based on Valve’s Dota 2, so this isn’t that surprising. Plus, the company has also recently gotten into gaming, so for them to develop more titles based on video games is kind of to be expected.

Unfortunately, while season 2 has been confirmed, the company did not state when it is expected to be released, but we suppose it’s not a stretch to think that it will most likely arrive in the later part of 2022 or possibly early 2023, but that’s just our speculation. In the meantime, how many of you have watched Arcane, and did you enjoy it?

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