You might recall that last year, Netflix announced that they would be getting into gaming. These games would be available to current Netflix subscribers at no extra cost, and one of those titles is none other than Hextech Mayhem, a League of Legends spinoff, which is now available for download.

Unlike the PC version of League of Legends, or Wildrift which is the version for mobile, Hextech Mayhem isn’t a MOBA. Instead, it is a rhythm runner where you play as Ziggs, a League of Legends champion, where you have to light bombs, disarm enemies, and dodge obstacles all the way trying to stay in sync with the beat.

Both Netflix and Riot are currently in a partnership which previously saw Netflix develop a League of Legends TV animated TV series called “Arcane” for the platform. It was met with rave reviews and a second season for the series has been confirmed. However, it is unclear when the second season is expected to be released.

It is said that it took about six years to develop the first season, so while we might not have to wait that long for season 2, we probably shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon either. In the meantime, for those who are curious, you can download Hextech Mayhem on iOS and Android, but keep in mind you’ll need to be subscribed to Netflix to play it.

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