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League Of Legends: Wild Rift Beta Now Available In North America
A couple of years ago, the folks at Riot announced that they would be bringing its League of Legends game onto mobile devices in the form of League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game hasn’t been fully released yet, but for those who are interested in possibly taking part in the beta, you’re in luck.

Louis Vuitton Gets Into Gaming With League Of Legends Prestige Skins
Video games and high-end fashion were never really things that seemed like they went well together. However, it seems that the gaming industry is becoming way too big for fashion houses to ignore, so much so that Louis Vuitton will actually be dipping their toes in the competitive gaming world.

League Of Legends Could Be Headed To The Nintendo Switch
Earlier, Riot announced League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is essentially a new version of the company’s incredibly popular League of Legends game, except that it has been redesigned to be played on mobile devices as well as consoles. Riot did not specify which consoles the game will be launching on, but it seems that the Nintendo Switch could be a possibility.

League Of Legends Will Be Coming To Mobile Devices
With how many of us own smartphones, it would be silly for developers to ignore the mobile gaming market. This is why we’re starting to see a rise in video games that were traditionally for PC or console being released on mobile as well. We’ve also started to see developers create games simultaneously for both mobile and PC and/or console.


What Makes A Good Esport?
The competitive video gaming scene has exploded in popularity over the past few years and it now boasts 454 million viewers across the world. It is an extremely lucrative industry thanks to sponsorship deals, media rights agreements, ticket sales, advertising and merchandising.

League Of Legends Could Arrive On Smartphones
League of Legends is an immensely popular MOBA title that’s yet to arrive on mobile devices. That’s said to change in the not too distant future according to a report. Riot, the developer of League of Legends, is reportedly working with its parent company Tencent on a mobile version of its popular game.

Nike Gets Onboard With eSports By Inking League Of Legends Deal
Nike sponsors some of the world’s top athletes. It was once rumored that perhaps the company would consider sponsoring esports players as well given the increasing popularity of this genre. That has now turned out to be true as Nike has signed a three-year deal with the League of Legends Pro League in China. It’s a very big competition that has 16 professional teams competing for the prize.

Marvel Will Start Publishing League Of Legends Comics
Marvel is a company that many are familiar with, where even if you’re not necessarily a fan of comic books, the company has helped to create plenty of superhero characters that have gone on to have very successful movies. Now it looks like Marvel will be expanding their publishing duties where in a team up with Riot, they will start publishing League of Legends comics.

League Of Legends Put Together A Spectacular K-Pop Music Video
In the past few years, Riot’s League of Legends has remained one of the most popular games to play, and there have been numerous competitions based around it, so safe to say that the game probably doesn’t need to promote itself since its branding is already pretty strong, but hey, a little extra marketing probably doesn’t hurt, right?

ESPN+ Will Broadcast League Of Legends Competitions Live
ESPN recently launched its sports streaming service called ESPN+ and among other things, it will begin streaming exclusive UFC fights next year. The company has now announced that it’s adding e-sports to the mix as well. It’s going to start broadcasting several League of Legends championships live from this summer. The LoL esports competitions will be available on ESPN+ as part of a new multi-year agreement that the company has […]

Riot & Blizzard To Team Up To Fight Against Toxic Behavior In Games
When it comes to toxic behavior in their games, Riot and Blizzard are no strangers to this. Both companies have gone about dealing with the problem in their own separate ways, but now it looks like they will be trying something new and that is they will be working together to combat it through the Fair Play Alliance (FPA).

Reality ‘League Of Legends’ TV Show Launching In Australia
There are reality shows for all kinds of things these days, whether it be cooking, for finding love, fighting, and etc. Sometimes there are even reality shows that don’t really seem to have any specific purpose other than to introduce drama. However if you’re a gamer, perhaps there is one upcoming reality show that you should check out.

Riot Wins $10 Million Against League Of Legends Cheating Service
Developers hate cheaters simply because cheaters ruin the experience for everyone in the game. It also makes the game unbalanced because the cheater’s character might be overpowered which in turn makes it very unfair for other players who play normally. This is why we’ve seen developers take very aggressive measures, such as lawsuits, against cheaters.

League Of Legends Tournaments Broadcast Deal To Cost $300 Million
BAMTech, the streaming division of Major League Baseball, has reportedly inked a deal with Riot Games to stream League of Legends tournaments. According to the report, this deal will see the streaming division pay up at least $300 million to Riot through 2023 for the privilege of being able to broadcast League of Legends tournaments. As many of you might be aware, Riot Games is a subsidiary of Tencent, a […]

League Of Legends Will Finally Be Getting Replays
If you’re trying to improve yourself as a gamer, watching replays of your games and the replays of others is one way to go about it. This is because replays lets you see what mistakes you might have made, as well as learn different strategies and tactics from other players who might be better than you.

Fan Turns League Of Legends Into An Anime, And It’s Amazing
The thing about competitive titles such as League of Legends is that everyone is too engrossed into thinking about game mechanics, strategy, best hero picks, and whatnot that sometimes the fantasy and the lore of the game gets neglected. After all it doesn’t matter if a particular hero has a rich history, as long as he/she can be used to great effect in games.

Riot Sues League of Legends Cheat Developers
Developers hate it when players cheat at their games, because this not only ruins the experience that the developers had planned for players, but in multiplayer games, this ruins it for other players who are just trying to play normally. This is why it isn’t surprising to learn that Riot is suing the developers behind a League of Legends cheating software.

Overwatch More Popular Than League Of Legends In Korea’s Cybercafes
League of Legends has been around for a while and in certain countries like South Korea, it is an incredibly popular game. However it looks like we might have a new contender in town in the form of Blizzard’s Overwatch. It seems that the game has, for now, managed to overtake League of Legends in terms of popularity amongst the country’s PC bangs.

Riot Identifies Toxic Employees Using League Of Legends Chatlogs
Sometimes when you read what people say online, you really have to wonder if they are really that way in real life. Imagine if you were playing a game and the opposing team had a player who spewed forth the foulest things you’ve ever heard, do you reckon that is a good reflection of their personality?

League Of Legends Update Will Finally Fix Imbalanced Teams
Have you ever played matches in games like DotA 2 or League of Legends where someone leaves early on in the game, leaving you on the team with 4 players while the other team has 5? This probably happens more often that you would like, and while it isn’t necessarily a guaranteed loss, it does make things harder.