modillionIf there is a paradox in the world of wearable tech, then a mechanical smartwatch might be one of them. However, before you laugh off such a suggestion, how about checking out the Modillian, an invention by a Tel Aviv-based company that functions as a “smart strap”, so to speak, as it transforms a mechanical or “dumb” wristwatch into a smartwatch. This is made possible by pairing with it up with an Android smartphone using Bluetooth.

The Modillion module works this way – its strap has been specially designed to deliver discreet alerts, where the wearer will be alerted of incoming messages without actually calling any attention to itself. This works as the Modillion module will link to an Android handset over Bluetooth as mentioned, thanks to the efforts by industrial engineer Eran Reuveni and electronics engineer Gilead Kirschenbaum.

The wearer will be informed of all incoming calls, texts, messages, and reminders through vibrating alerts. It is said to be able to function for up to a week on a single battery charge, and it will appear in a crowdfunding campaign from June 10th onward to raise capital and collect pre-orders. Not quite the smartwatch everyone is looking for, but it is a decent alternative for those who do not want to invest too much into this segment.

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