archos-heliumSmartwatches are definitely the gadget to keep an eye on for 2014. We have heard the rumors that many companies, such as Apple, could debut smartwatches later on in the year, and during CES 2014, companies such as Archos have unveiled their own offering in the form of a smartwatch that is expected to give devices like the Pebble smartwatch a run for its money. Now if there was any drawback to smartwatches is that for the most part, they tended to be rather pricey and did not come across as value for money. Considering that this is still the teething process of the wearable tech industry, naturally a lot of initial offerings aren’t exactly appealing, although they might be interesting.

The good news is that if you wanted to hop aboard the smartwatch bandwagon but did not want to pay an arm and a leg to own one, Archos’ offering could just be what you were after as the company has announced that they will be selling their smartwatch for a mere $50. Yup you read that right, for the price of a very nice meal, you will be able to own a smartwatch. Of course Archos’ offering seems more like the Pebble in terms of functionality, as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy Gear which did seem a little over the top. If simple was what you were after, then perhaps this should do the trick.

Archos expects their offering to arrive sometime in the summer and also expects that they will be introducing more models from now until then with more color options, as well as one with an aluminum casing.

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