Nikon_1_S1Towards the end of April, we had heard rumors that Nikon could be gearing up for an announcement of the Nikon 1 S2. Well thanks to an update from Nikon Rumors, it looks like that announcement could be taking place this week, on the 15th of May to be exact. However Nikon Rumors is unclear as to whether this announcement will be for the US, Asia, or Europe, but either way you can rest assured that we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information.

While the specs of the Nikon 1 S2 remain unknown, here is what the rumors are saying. According to the rumors, the camera is expected to pack a 14.2MP sensor with 73 phase detection and 135 contrast detection autofocus points. However the camera is expected to be the successor to the Nikon 1 S1 which was announced back in 2013, so there is a good chance that some of the Nikon 1 S1’s features to be brought over onto the Nikon 1 S2.

Interestingly enough, the 15th of May is also when Sony is rumored to announce the Sony RX100M3 so perhaps both Sony and Nikon could be trying to overshadow one another with their new cameras, although to be fair, the Nikon 1 S2 could have an advantage due to its interchangeable lens system that will allow photographers to use different lenses to take their photos with.

Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so if you’d like to learn more about the Nikon 1 S2, check back with us on the 15th of May for the details.

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