MediaTek_thumbWhen it comes to chipsets powering Windows Phone devices, so far it’s pretty much been most, if not all, Qualcomm inside the phone. We should point out that there are plenty of other choices in the market today, such as NVIDIA, Samsung, and MediaTek, just to name a few. Perhaps due to hardware restrictions, we’re not seeing other brands being used, although in MediaTek’s case, they are choosing not to make Windows Phone handsets.

This is according to a DigiTimes’ report in which their industry sources claim that MediaTek is choosing not to make a Windows Phone device anytime soon. Apparently MediaTek is more focused on creating chipsets that support LTE, and also releasing 64-bit processors in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. As it stands there aren’t many 64-bit chipsets in the market right now, save for a handful, with Apple’s A7 64-bit chipset kicking off the race.

MediaTek’s stance seems to be a direct contrast to Qualcomm who has been pretty supportive. The company recently released a Qualcomm Reference Design handset for the Windows Phone operating system, allowing smaller companies to get on board the Windows Phone bandwagon, especially if they don’t have the resources for a design team and/or R&D department.

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