Powerful MediaTek Processor Integrates 5G Support

At Computex 2019, MediaTek has announced that its upcoming 5G SoC (system-on-chip, or processor) integrates a 5G modem to deliver 5G in a more cost-efficient way than what’s on the market today, namely Qualcomm’s X55 modem, usually coupled with its Snapdragon 855 processor.

Apple’s 5G iPhones Might Source Modems From Samsung Or MediaTek

While many other handset makers are expected to launch a 5G smartphone this year, Apple is expected to hold off until 2020. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that we might be able to expect Apple’s 5G iPhones to source modems from either Samsung or MediaTek, and this is straight from Apple’s mouth.

MediaTek Unveils Helio P70 Processor For Mid-Range Smartphones

There are many mid-range smartphones that come with MediaTek processors and the company today announced the launch of new silicon to further improve those devices. The Helio P70 is a successor to the P60 and offers minor upgrades compared to its predecessor. The company is squarely focusing on the artificial intelligence-related improvements that this new chip brings.

MediaTek Announces Helio A22 Budget Processor

If you’ve looked into low-end and mid-range smartphones then you may have discovered that many of them use chips from MediaTek. The company is well-known for its chips that are used in affordable devices. MediaTek today announced a new processor called the Helio A22 that’s meant to compete with the Snapdragon 400 series from Qualcomm.


Apple Reportedly Still Undecided On Sourcing Modems From MediaTek

A rumor from last week suggested that Apple could not only be looking to distance themselves from Qualcomm, but apparently could eventually start to move away from Intel for their iPhone modems as well, and could actually turn to MediaTek. Given that Apple tends to switch suppliers every now and then, it would not have been a completely ludicrous idea.

Apple Could Source Future iPhone Modems From MediaTek

At the moment Apple sources their iPhone modems from both Intel and Qualcomm. However given that Apple and Qualcomm are butting heads legally, it was previously reported that Intel could soon be the exclusive supplier to Apple for iPhone modems. However according to Northland analyst Gus Richard, that might not necessarily be the case.

MediaTek’s New Modem Will Bring 5G To Affordable Devices

You won’t find a MediaTek processor in flagship smartphones from the likes of Samsung and LG but you will find that many affordable devices run on MediaTek’s processors and modems. The company unveiled the Helio M70 modem at Computex 2018 this week. It’s MediaTek’s first 5G modem which will bring affordable devices into the 5G net.

MediaTek’s New Chip Is For Premium Mid-Range Smartphones

Smartphone manufacturers have now started offering premium mid-range smartphones that are a step above conventional affordable devices with features such as metal unibody designs and better internals. Samsung is one of the OEMs that has done well with this strategy given that its revamped Galaxy A series has been performing well in the market. MediaTek, a company that makes chips for smartphones, wants to cash in on this trend and […]

MediaTek Brings AI To Mid-Range Devices With Helio P60

Most high-end mobile chips these days have some sort of artificial intelligence-related functionality built-in but that’s really not the case with mid-range smartphones. MediaTek, a company that primarily supplies chips for budget devices, has announced a new mobile processor which brings artificial intelligence functionality to mid-range devices. MediaTek unveiled its latest mobile application processor at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

Apple May Source iPhone Modem Chips From MediaTek Next Year

As the legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm shows no signs of ending anytime soon, it’s now predictably being reported that Apple wants to reduce its reliance on its legal foe. According to a new report, the company is looking to ink a partnership with MediaTek to source baseband modem chipsets for the iPhone in 2018. Apple currently sources these chipsets from Qualcomm.

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Review: Hands-on

The Sony XA1 Ultra is Sony’s large 6-inch screen mid-tier smartphone, an update of the Xperia XA Ultra announced in May last year.  The design looks similar to the previous model with some differences here and there, the feature list is comparable, the hardware and the cameras got an upgrade. The body is a hair thinner and lighter than the predecessor, at 8.1 mm (vs. 8.4 mm) and 188 g […]

Samsung Handset With MediaTek Chipset Spotted On Benchmarks

For the longest time ever, Samsung has typically either relied on its Exynos chipsets or Qualcomm’s chipsets for its smartphone and tablet offerings. However it seems that is changing because according to a recently sighted benchmark, a mysterious Samsung device with a MediaTek chipset was discovered.

LG X Power Lands On Sprint

A new mid-range smartphone from LG will soon be available from Sprint. The carrier is playing host to the LG X Power which is a mid-range Android-powered handset. It happens to be the first smartphone on Sprint that features a MediaTek processor as the LG X Power has a Helio P10 from MediaTek under the hood. It’s positioned as an affordable choice for people who are in the market for […]

Apple & MediaTek Rumored To Team Up For Wireless Charging Accessories

While other smartphone makers have embraced wireless charging technology, Apple has stuck to wired charging. Sure, there are third-party accessories that get the job done, but we suppose native support is always a much preferred option. The good news is that could be happening in the near future.