irolexWhen it comes to smartwatches, the competition in this particular market segment is definitely heating up for sure. There are many different hardware manufacturers out there that have jumped aboard the bandwagon, whether they are notable names in the industry or those that are just starting out, it does not matter – consumers do look set to have plenty of choices to pick fro in due time. Well, here is a concept from Curved Labs that will take a high street label, Rolex, and imbue it with smartwatch capability.

Do bear in mind that this is just a conceptual idea, so chances are it will never take off at all, unless the folks over at Rolex decide to do something about the situation. The Rolex smartwatch prototype by Curved Labs do sport a classic “chronograph look” in lieu of an OLED display so that whenever you wear it on your wrist, it will still be able to maintain that kind of quiet dignity for a timepiece.

Thanks to its hybrid design that sports analog dials and digital elements, it will merge both the old and the new seamlessly. There is also the transparent watch hands which glow in the dark and work even when the battery runs empty, with illuminated buttons that are guaranteed to let you better handle the timepiece in the dark. Not only that, the homescreen comes in a shade of black and completes the “flat design” of iOS 7, using similar App-icons and notifications.

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